Newborn Photo Shoot: When and Where It Should Be

newborn photographyA newborn photo shoot is an exciting time for parents and their new bundles of joy. They feel thrilled for their precious one to be photographed for the first time. Aside from the parents, the newborn photographer is also excited for this wonderful project. The photographer will prepare and plan on how to make each newborn photo shoot unique, memorable and amazing for the parents and newborn.

When to Schedule the Newborn Photo Shoot

A newborn photo shoot can be taken as early as one or two days after birth or within the next few days. The ideal period is within the first two weeks of birth so the diminutive physique and cute face of the newborn will be captured on camera. Newborn babies, also generally, sleep longer in their first few weeks thus making it easier for photographers to take pictures.

Style: Posed or Lifestyle

Newborn photographers vary in their style of shooting. Some take pictures inside the photo studio while others do the photo shoot in the client’s home or in another location. The choice of location must possibly be consistent and suitable with the style chosen by the photographer and parent. The parents and newborn photographer needs to discuss everything about the shoot including what style to choose and where to do the newborn photo session.

A posed newborn photo style usually lasts for 2 to 4 hours or even longer depending on the baby’s mood. If the newborn is in deep sleep, then the shoot can end early. On the other hand, lifestyle photo shoot usually requires less time since there will be no waiting time and the photographer can take pictures even when the baby is awake.

They can also choose to combine posed and lifestyle so a wide variety of newborn pictures can be produced by the newborn photographer.

Where to Hold the Newborn Photo Shoot

If the parent finds it more comfortable to have it indoors in a photo studio, then that should be fine with the photographer. He/she can prepare the studio by making it warm using a heater and ensuring that everything is clean and safe for the newborn.

If the parents prefer to have it in their home, then the newborn photographer can give suggestions on how to prepare the location for their baby’s first photo session as well as how to prepare their baby for it. For the photographer’s part, he/she would need to bring more stuff and prepare them at least a day before the shoot or before he/she goes to the client’s home. The photographer must make sure to bring the right cameras, lenses, batteries and memory cards for the shoot so everything will run well.

A newborn photography Calgary session can be successful through the combined efforts and cooperation of the professional photographer and the baby’s parents. They must ensure that the newborn baby is safe and sound during the entire shoot so it will truly be a good experience for all.

A Review of the Sony A6000

Mirrorless cameras today are powerful and feature packed than they were years ago, making them almost at par with the DSLR cameras. But not all cameras are really as close as they are with the DSLR, especially in terms of image quality.

Today, we shall be looking at a mirrorless camera that is touted to be an advanced mirrorless camera, capable of matching DSLR image quality. Let’s see what Sony has to offer with the A6000.


Before anything, let us look at the build of this camera. It has a good solid build housed in a portable body, making it less bulky and easier to carry around. It also has a solid handle that lets you hold the camera with one hand comfortably and firmly when needed. With a weight of only 468 grams, the camera is lightweight enough for you to carry around, especially if you travel and take photos a lot.

One unique feature that makes the A6000 stand out is the presence of a built-in electronic viewfinder, a feature many mirrorless cameras do not have built in but rather is an item to be purchased separately. This electronic viewfinder allows you to view your photos a bit better and produce better results as far as the images you capture is concerned.

In addition, it also has an LCD screen that you can tilt, though it cannot be flipped at a 180 degree angle for selfie captures. And also, the LCD is not touchscreen but it does have a simple and easy to follow menu system. And yes, it has a built in flash as well as a hotshoe to place an accessory like an external flash.


The Sony A6000 has a 24 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, with the latest gapless microlens technology that most modern sensors now use, coupled with Sony’s latest Bionz X image processor that provides a maximum ISO sensitivity of 25600.

If you want to experiment with how the colors would appear straight from the camera, you can adjust Picture Styles. There are a number of customizable presets available like Landscape, Vivid, and Monochrome. What’s better about the camera’s Picture Styles is that they can be shot in RAW format, so you’ll have a “clean” version of the image should you need it sometime down the road.

The camera’s metering system also does a good job in general at helping to produce accurately exposed images. However, there are times that the A6000 is prone to underexposure, meaning you’ll need to dial in some exposure compensation (if shooting in aperture priority or shutter priority) to get a balanced image.

The automatic white balance is decent as well in reproducing accurate colors, but there would be occasions that you would need to adjust the white balance to a different setting especially if artificial light would cause the colors of the photo to be too warm.

But what makes the A6000 stand out is its claim of being the camera with the fastest autofocusing speeds in any camera with an APS-C format sensor. To say the least, they are very impressive.

As far as connectivity is concerned, it also has a built in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity for instant sharing online.


Sony has come a long way in making their mirrorless cameras to be the best in the market. And the Sony A6000 is certainly a step in the right direction. There are so many things to like about this camera. If you are shopping around for a mirrorless camera or would like images to have the same quality as those shot by Carl Glancey, this is one model you should definitely check out.

Helpful Newborn Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

newborn photographyThinking about photographing cute newborn babies makes us feel thrilled. We love the thought of handling these adorable babies and satisfying the expectations of parents. Newborn photography may seem like an easy form of photography to learn. But then, in reality, it is something that requires skills and knowledge in order to achieve the brilliant newborn photos you want.

Amateur photographers should know that newborn photography is unique and certainly different from other common forms like wedding or portrait photography. If you are among the new photographers who need assistance in shooting newborns, then here are some newborn photography tips for you.

  1. Keep the baby happy and comfortable

Make sure that the baby feels warm inside the room or shooting location and that he/she has a full stomach during the shoot. Keeping the baby full and happy will make it easier for you to get the photo shoot done.

  1. Shoot fast and in various angles

Shooting fast in various angles can give you a wide variety of photos to choose from. Instead of frequently changing the baby’s position, it is best to take shots in various angles so as to avoid any harm to the newborn since its body is very fragile.

  1. Include siblings or parents

To make your newborn photos look more personalized and memorable to the parents, you can include an older sibling or the mom or dad in some shots.

  1. Use natural light

Taking shots in a room with a big window can help you get the natural light. The natural light from the sun is no doubt the best source of light to use in photography.

  1. Take macro shots

Getting shots of the newborn’s chubby cheeks, cute nose, tiny fingers and other body parts will surely please the parents. They would appreciate seeing how cute and diminutive their baby is.

  1. Make baby’s safety your first priority

The safety of the baby must be your first and utmost priority. You should be able to keep the baby safe all throughout the duration of the shoot. Getting an assistant, requesting the parents to stay nearby and checking your stuff are among the things you can do to keep the baby safe. Avoid also doing poses that you are not unsure of.

  1. Keep the focus on the baby

The main subject in Calgary newborn photography is the newborn baby. Make sure the focus will always be on the newborn. Use a simple backdrop, check the background and remove clutter to ensure that the viewer’s attention will stick on the baby.

  1. Check the props before using

Blankets, props and all accessories that you plan to use for the shoot must be checked well. All stuff must be freshly laundered or free from dust. Babies generally have sensitive skin so you have to use clean, sanitized things to ensure the baby does not get harmed or will not feel uncomfortable.

  1. Master a photo editing program to use for post-production

Learning how to use an image editing program like Photoshop would be an advantage to you. You can enhance your capture images later during post production. Just avoid overdoing it. Only minor editing is often required for such pictures.

Following these newborn photography tips can surely help you produce the pictures you want. Always plan and prepare for a shoot so it will end up successful.

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How to Find the Best and Affordable Wedding Photography Service

wedding photographyWeddings are generally filled with emotions. Some feel happy and excited, others are nervous and there are those who are anxious or confused. These emotions as well as people’s expressions are expected by the newlywed couple to get caught on camera. They want to see awesome wedding photos that show the special moments of their wedding day.

A couple must get the best wedding photography service in order to receive their expected outcome. Of course, getting it at an affordable rate is another plus factor. Couples would be happy to save on cost especially since they still have a lot of things to pay for their wedding.

Here are some tips and ways on how you can find the best and affordable wedding photography service:

  1. Meet different wedding photographers

If you really want to get the best service, then find the most ideal wedding photographer. Do a research on who are the wedding photographers in your area as well as in nearby cities and set an appointment with each. It is best to have many wedding photographers to choose from before later creating a shortlist of the best.

  1. Consider an off-season wedding date

Wedding rates are usually low during off-season. Many good wedding photographers are also available during this off-peak season. This means to say that you can get great and affordable photography service in the off-peak period. Consider an off-season date when choosing a wedding date so you can possibly save on cost not only on wedding photography but also on other wedding expenses.

  1. Negotiate the number of hours worked

There are photographers who are open to reducing the wedding photography cost by lessening the hours of coverage. You have to know if the package offered by a photographer is fixed or flexible. Learn to negotiate and ask for discounts without affecting the expected outcome.

  1. Check the website or social page of wedding photographers

A lot of great wedding photographers today are already active on the internet. They have their own website and have created social media accounts in order to easily reach out to their target market – engaged couples. Check the pictures in their websites, see if they look great and are consistently captivating. Read also feedback online so you will know if their past clients were satisfied with the photographer’s work.

  1. Know if there are extra or additional charges ( or maybe hidden fees)

Ask questions directly to the los angeles wedding photographer if there are additional charges apart from what written in the wedding photography package presented. You have to know every possible additional costs or charges if in case the coverage is extended or if the agreed conditions are not met. By doing so, you won’t get caught off guard when you suddenly get billed for something you didn’t expect.

Be very wise in choosing the best and affordable wedding photographer or wedding photography service so you won’t have any regrets. Remember that you might get married only once in your whole life so you have to make the best out of this experience.

Review: Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

Lowepro has been known for great quality camera bags, especially for photographers who love the outdoors. Today, we are going to review one of their products geared for the outdoor-loving photographer, the Flipside 400 AW. Let’s see how well this bag stacks up.


The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW is a camera bag pack with external dimensions of 30.3 x 25.3 x 46 cm. (11.93 x 9.96 x 18.11 in. it only weighs 1.6 kg, (3.52 lb) so it does not contribute additional weight to whatever you will be putting in your bag.

It also offers contoured shoulder straps and padded waistbelt which help evenly distribute weight, especially if you will be putting a lot of gear in the bag, as well as provide extra comfort when you’re going from place to place for your photography.

There is also a body-side access for added security and quick access to gear at any time when you need reach out for something in your bag.  And if you’re in the wild, where silence is very important so not to disturb the animals there, the Flipside 400 AW has silent zipper pulls that would provide quiet access around your surroundings, especially if silence is very much important.

In addition, the bag also has a built-in All Weather AW cover that is included to protect your gear from the elements like rain and harsh sunlight.


The bag has a very spacious body, designed to carry a full-sized DSLR with a 300 mm lens, as well as an extra camera body, 4-6 lenses, an external flash, and other accessories and small personal items. These items can be arranged in separate padded camera compartments that can be adjusted or personalized, depending on the gear you will be bringing in with your bag.

The bag also has a front storage where you can place those small personal items and other accessories. And if ever you need some extra space, the Flipside 400 AW have SlipLock attachment loops that serve to expand its carrying capacity.

If you will be bringing a tripod with you, the bag has a Hideaway Tripod Mount which serves to secure your tripod to the pack.

In addition to all this, Lowepro guarantees the longevity of this bag. In fact, it provides a lifetime warranty, making sure your bag is guaranteed to last as long as you use it.


The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW is not for everyone. But if you’re a professional outdoor photographer or a photographer that does a lot of work outside the studio like Shane Webber Photography, this is one bag you should seriously consider to have as part of your gear. It has a huge capacity and can take on as much as you do in your work. It is one of the best camera bags out there in the market guaranteed to meet your needs in protecting something as precious and important as your camera gear.

11 Useful Photography Tips That Anyone Can Use

photography tipsPhotography is an interesting subject to learn and get hooked into. Using a camera of your choice, you can capture moments in special events or even on regular days. It is fun to take pictures of your favorite subjects and share these pictures to friends and family.

Just about anybody can take pictures if they want to. But then, not everybody is good at photography. Some are shooting pictures without composing the shot first. They just photograph what they want and are doing it as a hobby. There are people, though, who are passionate about photography and would like to learn more so they can become a professional photographer.

Well, here are some 11 photography tips that you can use to get better photographs.

  1. Apply the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds refer to the technique of composing your shot by using 4 imaginary lines – 2 horizontal and 2 vertical to equally divide the image. Check where your subject is best placed, whether lower right, upper left or in another part as long as the central part is where two lines intersect. Your image will surely look more visually appealing when you apply the rule of thirds.

  1. Learn how to use each control, shooting mode or setting of your camera

Every new camera you own, you have to find time to learn how the buttons, dials and each function work. Check out the manual and apply what you have read.

  1. Understand the basic photography terms

There are different terms in photography that you will have to understand so you can have a wider understanding on how to take great pictures.

  1. Avoid using a flash unless really necessary

Taking pictures using a flash regardless if it is built-in or external can create shadows or dark spots in your images so you will have to avoid using it as much as possible. Find other ways to get the sufficient light you need and if there is no other way, you can use a flash but diffuse it first and do not point it directly at the subject.

  1. Make use of a tripod to avoid camera shakes

Camera shakes can result to poor, blurry images. A tripod can help you avoid camera shakes so make use of one especially in situations where it is difficult to hold a camera steadily.

  1. Choose the right shutter speed and aperture before taking a shot

Shutter speed and aperture should be adjusted or chosen first before taking pictures. Slower shutter speed is best for low light shooting while fast shutter speed is best when taking fast action shots like in sports photography

  1. Be open to learning from more experienced photographers

Allocate time to check the works of other skilled photographers, get ideas and tips on how to take better images. You can even offer to become their second shooter when they cover an event so you can better observe how they work.

  1. Use a suitable lens to get the shots you want

For DSLR camera users, there are many lenses that you can choose to use. But then, you have to know what lenses can help you achieve the awesome images you want. You can get ideas from this awesome Los Angeles Wedding Photographer on what lenses you have to use.

  1. Add depth to your images

Most pictures look plain and dull because they lack depth. It is important for a photographer to consider adding when composing his shots. There are many ways to add depth and among those are using a wide angle lens, shooting from a tripod or making the subject stand out or be separated from its background.

  1. Select the right ISO to use

ISO refers to the sensitivity of your camera to light and so the higher the ISO the more light gets in. The downside of a high ISO though is that camera noise can be visible so your images might appear grainy and unclear. You need to choose the right ISO depending on the location of the shoot, availability of light and your desired shot.

  1. Practice as often as you can

By shooting often you can learn what works and what doesn’t, what should be avoided as well as what you should keep doing. You can learn from your mistakes and even get to discover new techniques as you practice for who knows you might become as great as this wedding photographer Birmingham.

Tips For Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photography is a recent phenomenon as far as photography genres are concerned. Its popularity coincided as well with a greater degree of acceptance that pregnancy is not “unsexy” as some had contended in the past but rather as a progressive approach in celebrating the forthcoming motherhood.

Nevertheless, it can be uncomfortable for some women to be photographed at this moment of their lives. And as a photographer, it is your job to make sure she gets to stand out well in her pregnancy. Here are some ways to achieve that.

1- Be creative with the camera angle

A different camera angle from the normal shooting angle helps create some artistic shots, even for pregnancy photography. For instance, getting up high and shooting down on your subject is a sure fire way to project a slimming portrait. This creates the illusion of elongating the body and thus it has a wonderful slimming effect, whether pregnant or otherwise.


2- Angle the subject

If you turn your subject, even just slightly, you’ll notice that the angle is much more flattering which in turn hides the pregnancy even just a little. The beauty of this pose is that it hides the booty, so to speak, while still maintaining the slimming angle of the stomach. Shooting the stomach from the side is almost always more flattering, as it allows you to see the curve of the back, thus making the subject look pregnant.

3-Try some abstract shots

One can try being artistic doing these pregnancy photos by harnessing the elements serving to obscure the baby bump a bit without hiding the pregnancy or obscuring the subject overall.

4-Put the father in the equation

There is something romantic and lovely seeing the husband be part of the wife’s pregnancy shoot. For one, it strengthens in a way the love between them. And also, it reinforces the husband’s pivotal role in the forthcoming birth of their offspring. Having the husband be part of the shoot makes the photo a deep and personal one that will be appreciated and treasured for years to come.


5-Take it seriously

As with any photography shoot, as a photographer like Russell Neal Photography you should be serious in making sure the job gets to be done right. This involves something special for the subjects that one cannot afford to make them look bad. Take it with a bit of both personal and artistic touch and you will get magical and memorable results.

How to Prepare Before a Boudoir Shoot

boudoir photographyA boudoir photo session is not something you regularly do like a family photo session. It is something that you might undergo only once in your lifetime. This makes a boudoir session really special that you have to prepare days or weeks ahead in order for it to be successful and memorable.

Here are some tips for you on how to prepare before your much-awaited boudoir shoot.

  1. Check the closet

First off is the outfit you are going to wear. Check what lingerie, corset and sexy outfit do you have in your closet. How many do you need to bring? Plan on what and how many to bring based on the package you paid for.

  1. Buy new items if necessary

If you think your bra and panty set or your corsets are too old, then go head and buy new items. Remember that this photo session is special for you only do it once or a few times so you have to exert effort to look really great.

  1. Have a dress rehearsal

Once you have picked the clothes to wear, try each one in front of the mirror. It would be great if you can have a friend or two who can assist you during the dress rehearsal so they can provide honest opinions on what looks good or does not on you.

  1. Choose accessories, jewelry and shoes

Accessories, props and jewelries like dangling earring or loop earrings, big necklaces and bracelets can add more appeal in the image. Choose the right items that match well with your sexy outfit.

Footwear is also important and in a boudoir shoot high heels, stilettos, boots are among the commonly used for this kind of shoot. You can also consider wearing stockings that are garter-less or not too tight. It will add more personality to your pictures.

  1. Visit a salon a few days before the shoot

Well-manicured nails definitely can make you look more fabulous in the pictures. Find time to go to a salon for manicure, pedicure and even hair cut if necessary. Plan your overall look that is going to look well with what you are wearing.

  1. Wear loose clothing

Prepare the loose clothes like a men’s shirt to wear in going to the location or studio. Wearing something loose can prevent any red marks from appearing on your body. Red marks won’t look great in pictures so avoid wearing something tight when going to the studio or even a day before the shoot.

  1. Stay aware from the sun

Getting a tan may it be natural or artificial is not advisable when you are about to get into a boudoir shoot. A tanned body will not look good the boudoir pictures. Stay away from the sun days before the shoot or avoid applying any tanning lotion or cream.

  1. Look for a professional hair and makeup artist

If the service of a hair and makeup artist is not included in the boudoir photography package you availed, then look for a professional to hire. Hair and makeup is important in a boudoir shoot for applying the right make up can bring out your glamorous and sexy side.

  1. Pack things early

Pack your things a day or two before the scheduled shoot so you won’t miss any. Check that everything you need to wear from top to bottom is inside your bag.

Your boudoir shoot will certainly become successful if you follow the tips above and cooperate with the photographer when it comes to the poses. Even in wedding photography london, preparation is essential. As long as you hire a professional boudoir photographer, then you have nothing to worry about and your shoot will surely be successful.

The Secrets In Making Black and White Photographs Stunning

Lack of colors aside, there is something timeless and captivating about black and white photographs. They evoke a sense of class that never fails to capture the attention of the viewer, despite the prevalence today of color photographs.

For photographers like Steve Burton, especially those who have been so used to shooting pictures in color, being able to deliver quality results in capturing black and white photos can be a challenge. But as these secrets below will show, it is not impossible with the proper skills and knowledge at hand.

Learning to See Things in Mono


The first key to successful black and white photography is learning to see the world in monochrome. When you do, you get to realize that not all subjects would work in black and white, thus developing a keen eye to see which subjects would look good in monochrome or not.

A good tip for DSLR users is to shoot in the RAW (something you should be doing as a photographer anyway) but set the Picture Style (or whatever this setting is called in your camera) to a black and white mode. The photo will be displayed in black and white on the camera’s LCD screen, and you’ll have all the colour information in the RAW file for your conversion afterwards.

Considering Texture

Old elements like an old building, rusty metal, or weathered wood have a lot of texture, and textures look great in black and white. One thing to remember though is that texture is affected by the lighting conditions. Low raking light, like the golden light radiated during sunrise and sunset, makes texture stand out sharply. Soft light of an overcast day can also bring out texture, but it may require some additional post processing work to make the photos look good in black and white.

Making Light Work

Color or no color, light is still a big factor in photography. And black and white gives the photographer freedom to take photos in all sorts of lighting conditions. While it is still best to capture photos as far as light is concerned when the sun is low in the sky. But with black and white you can also take photos in the middle of the day, and even on overcast days, which are difficult lighting conditions for when you photograph in color.

What is more important is that lighting conditions matches the subject you are trying to shoot. Midday light, for instance, can be great for architecture but not for portraits, while an overcast day is ideal for portraits, but not for landscapes.

Knowing the Ideal Subjects

As was mentioned earlier, there are certain subjects that shoot well in black and white. Here are some examples:


Portraiture – portraits work well with black and white as the attention is focused more on the eyes and face, and the textures of the subject’s clothes.

Landscapes- while color is the default mode for landscape photography, black and white can also work for landscapes too, especially that It draws attention more to the shapes and forms of the land formations seen in the photos, as well as the light available

Travel and Street Photography- while travel and street photography is usually captured in color, black and white would work just as fine, especially if the photographer wishes to convey more the memory and emotion of a place visited rather than the physical attributes of the place, giving a sense of timelessness to the photo.

Nudes- recognised as one of the oldest subjects for artists and photographers, black and white has been the traditional mode as it highlights physical attributes and artistry employed in the shots.

Top Advice for Amateur Newborn Photographer

newborn photo shootThe arrival of a newborn baby is a momentous event for a family especially for first-time parents. The newborn period lasts only for a short time and because of this some parents want to capture this fleeting moment through a newborn photo shoot.

A newborn photo shoot is usually done during the first two weeks of the baby. There are expectant moms who hire the services of a newborn photographer as early as the second trimester of her pregnancy. This is to ensure that there is a ready newborn photographer to take shots within two or three weeks beyond the expected date of delivery. Some ask their wedding photographer staffordshire for recommendations.

There are newborn photographers who are really very in demand because they are already known for producing the best newborn pictures. If you are an aspiring newborn photographer, you can also be as great as them if you just follow the advice of experts and the tips shared by other professional photographers.

Below are the top advice from professional newborn photographers that we have talked to.

  1. Allow natural light to get into the room

Natural light coming from the sun is without question the best source of light a photographer can use. Move the curtains away and let the light get in. If the light is too bright especially at noon, then diffuse it or hang a thin drape on your window so less light gets in.

  1. Let siblings or parents join the shoot

The newborn photo shoot will be more memorable for the family if the dad, mom, or other siblings join the shoot. A newborn picture with a sibling or parent in it makes it more remarkable. Check out some samples of such from

  1. Be patient at all times

Expect for the newborn photo shoot to possibly extend beyond the scheduled hours. The number of hours spent for a newborn photo shoot will usually depend on the subject – the newborn. If the newborn becomes fussy, then you will have to wait for the baby to calm down and sleep again. Be patient and have your camera always ready.

  1. Keep the room warm

Newborn babies are more comfortable in a warm location. You need to make sure the room is warm because it helps a newborn sleep more soundly. Additionally, babies love being wrapped so you can start your shoot by using a baby wrap on him/her then later change clothes or shoot him/her without clothes.

  1. Make use of creative props

A newborn picture will look more unique if you can use props or accessories. You can either use an old valuable family blanket or something similar so the shoot will be notable and stirring.

  1. Help the parents prepare

Give suggestions to the parents on what to wear, how to prepare the baby and themselves for the shoot. Remind the parents that the baby must be fed well before the shoot so the newborn will be in a great mood and will remain sleeping throughout the shoot.

Remember to familiarize also the settings of your camera and practice shooting as often as possible because with practice you can become better and better in this field.