11 Useful Photography Tips That Anyone Can Use

photography tipsPhotography is an interesting subject to learn and get hooked into. Using a camera of your choice, you can capture moments in special events or even on regular days. It is fun to take pictures of your favorite subjects and share these pictures to friends and family.

Just about anybody can take pictures if they want to. But then, not everybody is good at photography. Some are shooting pictures without composing the shot first. They just photograph what they want and are doing it as a hobby. There are people, though, who are passionate about photography and would like to learn more so they can become a professional photographer.

Well, here are some 11 photography tips that you can use to get better photographs.

  1. Apply the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds refer to the technique of composing your shot by using 4 imaginary lines – 2 horizontal and 2 vertical to equally divide the image. Check where your subject is best placed, whether lower right, upper left or in another part as long as the central part is where two lines intersect. Your image will surely look more visually appealing when you apply the rule of thirds.

  1. Learn how to use each control, shooting mode or setting of your camera

Every new camera you own, you have to find time to learn how the buttons, dials and each function work. Check out the manual and apply what you have read.

  1. Understand the basic photography terms

There are different terms in photography that you will have to understand so you can have a wider understanding on how to take great pictures.

  1. Avoid using a flash unless really necessary

Taking pictures using a flash regardless if it is built-in or external can create shadows or dark spots in your images so you will have to avoid using it as much as possible. Find other ways to get the sufficient light you need and if there is no other way, you can use a flash but diffuse it first and do not point it directly at the subject.

  1. Make use of a tripod to avoid camera shakes

Camera shakes can result to poor, blurry images. A tripod can help you avoid camera shakes so make use of one especially in situations where it is difficult to hold a camera steadily.

  1. Choose the right shutter speed and aperture before taking a shot

Shutter speed and aperture should be adjusted or chosen first before taking pictures. Slower shutter speed is best for low light shooting while fast shutter speed is best when taking fast action shots like in sports photography

  1. Be open to learning from more experienced photographers

Allocate time to check the works of other skilled photographers, get ideas and tips on how to take better images. You can even offer to become their second shooter when they cover an event so you can better observe how they work.

  1. Use a suitable lens to get the shots you want

For DSLR camera users, there are many lenses that you can choose to use. But then, you have to know what lenses can help you achieve the awesome images you want. You can get ideas from this awesome Los Angeles Wedding Photographer on what lenses you have to use.

  1. Add depth to your images

Most pictures look plain and dull because they lack depth. It is important for a photographer to consider adding when composing his shots. There are many ways to add depth and among those are using a wide angle lens, shooting from a tripod or making the subject stand out or be separated from its background.

  1. Select the right ISO to use

ISO refers to the sensitivity of your camera to light and so the higher the ISO the more light gets in. The downside of a high ISO though is that camera noise can be visible so your images might appear grainy and unclear. You need to choose the right ISO depending on the location of the shoot, availability of light and your desired shot.

  1. Practice as often as you can

By shooting often you can learn what works and what doesn’t, what should be avoided as well as what you should keep doing. You can learn from your mistakes and even get to discover new techniques as you practice for who knows you might become as great as this wedding photographer Birmingham.

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