5 Questions You Should Ask Wedding Videography Services

wedding videographerHiring a wedding videographer is as important as getting the services of a wedding photographer to cover your wedding. Both professionals can capture the special moments in your wedding.

The wedding photographer berkshire can deliver wedding pictures compiled in a wedding album which tells a wonderful story of your union in marriage. Meanwhile, a wedding videographer can produce a wedding video that will show you the real moments that happened and which you might have missed during the day. The best thing about a wedding video is that you can watch it over and over again and relive the moment.

Now, how do you choose a wedding videographer? Is there any particular trait that you should look for in videographer? Well, to decide well on whom to hire for your wedding, you need to ask relevant questions to the candidates. By asking these questions, you can assess how competent a videographer is.

  1. Do you have sample wedding videos of your past clients that I can watch?

Checking out the videographer’s past works can help you know how experienced he/she is. You get to know how many weddings the videographer had recorded, how long he has been in the wedding industry and how wonderful (or not) his videos are. You don’t have to be an expert in videos to know whether the video is great or not. Just simply take note of how you felt when watching it.

  1. Which style to you prefer to use – cinematic or documentary?

There are two basic types of wedding videography, documentary and cinematic. You need to familiarize the two, choose what you like and ask the wedding photographer on which style he/she usually uses. If it is the same with yours, then he/she is a good choice. Here’s a short description of each style.

  • Documentary Style – it is where the videographer focuses on the events that happen in the wedding as they slowly unfold. It usually begins from the wedding preparations, wedding ceremony and finally the wedding party. It is the traditional style of recording an event.
  • Cinematic Style – this style is more dramatic and usual includes special effects like melodramatic music, transition effects, slow motion and some creative camera angles. It’s like you’re watching a real movie, slowly unfolding in front of you. It will usually cost you more compared to the documentary style.
  1. How much does it cost?

You need to know what packages he/she is offering. Videographers usually charge their services based on the amount of time they will spend on the occasion as well as the length of the expected output video. It would be wiser to compare the prices with what is the standard price range in your particular city or area.

  1. Are you the one who will cover the wedding or another videographer?

Some companies who offer videography services have more than one videographer. You need to make sure that the one you are talking to is the one who will cover or if not, request to talk with the one who will actually cover your wedding. Also, it is very important that the videographer and the couple prepare and sign a contract with all details and conditions stipulated.

  1. How many weeks will it take for you to produce the final video?

It is important to know how long will it take for the videographer to deliver the final wedding video. Some videographers take some months to finish editing due to their hectic schedule while others can finish it in a few weeks. The length of the video must complement the promised time of delivery.

Never miss asking questions before finally deciding on which videographer to hire. These questions can have a big impact on your wedding so make sure to exert effort in finding the right wedding videographer.

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