Best Lenses for Sports Photography

lensesPhotography has already come a long way. The photo industry now is being dominated by high-end DSLR cameras produced by different manufacturers.  You will be impressed by the wide variety of cameras that are available in the market today. Each model has impressive features that are suitable to general photography while there are those cameras that are best for specific types of photography.

Even the lenses that are attached to these DSLR cameras will depend on the brand of your camera body. If you bought a Canon camera, then you will have to select among the Canon lenses available. Same goes with Nikon, only Nikon lenses are suitable for a Nikon camera.

Aside from the skills and knowledge that a photographer needs to acquire, the camera especially the lenses can help a lot in producing awesome images. If you are into sports photography, then there are special lenses that are ideal to use for fast, action-paced sport events and games.

If you are looking into buying new lenses to pair with your DSLR in covering a game, then here are some tips on what lenses to buy.

  1. Prime lens 50mm f/1.8

A prime lens has a fixed focal length so that means you cannot zoom in our out. It is best to use such lens when covering a game where the action happens nearby. Common prime lenses being used in sports photography is 50mm and 85 mm with aperture of f/1.8.

  1. Telephoto lens

For football or soccer games, the best lens to use is a telephoto lens. The action in football and similar ball games happen in the middle of the field or far from where you are. If you want to capture fast action from afar, then attach a telephoto lens to your camera. A telephoto lens can be around 300mm to 400 mm focal length.

There are lenses that have an image stabilizer to help avoid getting blurry pics so don’t forget to check specs of the lenses you want to buy.

  1. 85mm lens for basketball games

If you plan to cover basketball leagues or games, you will have to consider getting a 85mm lens. It is the ideal length for taking action photos of this kind of sport. Even family photographer Pittsburgh love using an 85mm lens in photographing a family.

  1. Lenses in a kit

Some cameras can be bought in a kit which means 1 to 2 lenses come with the camera body that you buy. Some manufacturers carefully choose the lenses that they will include in the kit so it will be less difficult for you to find one.

Since some sports involve speed, it is sometimes difficult to capture sharp images of the players. A tripod might help your camera and lens get the shot you need.

At the beginning, you can have at least one lens then just add more when you can. A telephoto lens can be expensive so if you cannot afford, try renting from camera stores or from other photographers. Professional photographers from Matt Selby Photography can also help you choose the right lenses to buy.

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