How to Take the Best Portrait Shots

portrait photographyDo you love taking pictures of your friends and family? Are you interested to move a step forward and become an expert in portrait photography? Well, you can be a professional portrait photographer by owning and studying your camera and gaining the right skills.

Portrait photography is not just the simple point-and-shoot thing. There are techniques that you can apply in order to get the best portrait shots. Here are some of the important things you need to consider when taking portrait shots.

  1. Suitable background

In portrait photography, the background can either make or break your shot. It is critical for you to choose a background that won’t overpower your subject. Since it is a portrait shot, you should aim to fixate the eyes of the viewers to the individual/s in the picture. The background should be suitable to the subject’s personality as well as the theme of the shot when done in a specific occasion.

  1. Use a wide aperture

Simply defined, aperture refers to the amount of light that can get in your lens. For portraits, a wider aperture around f/2.5 to f/5.6 is best so you can create a good depth of field. This means, that the subject in the picture will standout while the background appears blurry.

There are portrait lenses that can help you achieve a well-blurred background.

  1. Try different angles

We usually see portrait shots taken by framing it horizontally or vertically but well if you want to produce more brilliant, unique portrait shots you can experimenting and shooting in different angles. With practice, you can surely produce more creative portrait images.

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  1. Look for natural light

Natural light coming from the sun and entering through our window can give your subject a more natural look. The subject’s skin tone will look more natural in the picture and the real beauty will come out.

If shooting indoors, have your subject positioned near the window. If the sunlight is too much, you can soften it by using some drapes to slightly cover it or bounce the light using some accessories. Wedding photographer surrey always looks for a natural light when shooting an indoor event like a wedding.

  1. Be on the lookout for interesting people

Portrait photography is not limited to shooting in studios or photographing only relatives and friends. You can try to randomly photograph a neighbor or an interesting person you see while you were strolling around the park.

  1. Focus on the expressions and emotions

Since a person or group of individuals are the primary focus in portrait photography, it is of utmost importance to show not only their faces but also their expressions and real emotions. A portrait shot doesn’t need to be always serious. The subject can do a wacky pose or any pose that will reflect how he or she feels and will show his or her individuality.

Portrait photography is indeed a broad and interesting topic to learn and master. You can take the best portrait shots by following the tips shared above.

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