I am like a little kid in a Candy Store – my Apple Watch is coming!!!!!

OMFG – I am so excited – all day I have been refreshing my order status on the Apple Store and AT LAST my order is showing is Preparing for Shipment! Woohoo – the Apple Watch is coming!!!!

Here’s what I saw today at about 4:56pm just as I was about to give out all hope that I would receive my watch on launch day:-

my-apple-watch-is-comingAll day my mate Sligo based wedding photographer Fergal (check out his work at http://fergalmcgrathphotography.com)had been boasting that he would get his Apple Watch first, just like he got his Nikon D810 a week before me – well his order is still stuck in processing ha ha!

I’m sorry normal service will be resumed soon – although please excuse me if you have lots of Apple Watch related posts soon.  I wonder if I can update the blog from the Watch LOL

And this watch will be tax deductable as I can use it to remotely operate my Nikon cameras and my Drone – how cool will that be!  Who else is getting one? Let me know in the comments.

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