Newborn Photo Shoot: When and Where It Should Be

newborn photographyA newborn photo shoot is an exciting time for parents and their new bundles of joy. They feel thrilled for their precious one to be photographed for the first time. Aside from the parents, the newborn photographer is also excited for this wonderful project. The photographer will prepare and plan on how to make each newborn photo shoot unique, memorable and amazing for the parents and newborn.

When to Schedule the Newborn Photo Shoot

A newborn photo shoot can be taken as early as one or two days after birth or within the next few days. The ideal period is within the first two weeks of birth so the diminutive physique and cute face of the newborn will be captured on camera. Newborn babies, also generally, sleep longer in their first few weeks thus making it easier for photographers to take pictures.

Style: Posed or Lifestyle

Newborn photographers vary in their style of shooting. Some take pictures inside the photo studio while others do the photo shoot in the client’s home or in another location. The choice of location must possibly be consistent and suitable with the style chosen by the photographer and parent. The parents and newborn photographer needs to discuss everything about the shoot including what style to choose and where to do the newborn photo session.

A posed newborn photo style usually lasts for 2 to 4 hours or even longer depending on the baby’s mood. If the newborn is in deep sleep, then the shoot can end early. On the other hand, lifestyle photo shoot usually requires less time since there will be no waiting time and the photographer can take pictures even when the baby is awake.

They can also choose to combine posed and lifestyle so a wide variety of newborn pictures can be produced by the newborn photographer.

Where to Hold the Newborn Photo Shoot

If the parent finds it more comfortable to have it indoors in a photo studio, then that should be fine with the photographer. He/she can prepare the studio by making it warm using a heater and ensuring that everything is clean and safe for the newborn.

If the parents prefer to have it in their home, then the newborn photographer can give suggestions on how to prepare the location for their baby’s first photo session as well as how to prepare their baby for it. For the photographer’s part, he/she would need to bring more stuff and prepare them at least a day before the shoot or before he/she goes to the client’s home. The photographer must make sure to bring the right cameras, lenses, batteries and memory cards for the shoot so everything will run well.

A newborn photography Calgary session can be successful through the combined efforts and cooperation of the professional photographer and the baby’s parents. They must ensure that the newborn baby is safe and sound during the entire shoot so it will truly be a good experience for all.

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