How to Prepare Before a Boudoir Shoot

boudoir photographyA boudoir photo session is not something you regularly do like a family photo session. It is something that you might undergo only once in your lifetime. This makes a boudoir session really special that you have to prepare days or weeks ahead in order for it to be successful and memorable.

Here are some tips for you on how to prepare before your much-awaited boudoir shoot.

  1. Check the closet

First off is the outfit you are going to wear. Check what lingerie, corset and sexy outfit do you have in your closet. How many do you need to bring? Plan on what and how many to bring based on the package you paid for.

  1. Buy new items if necessary

If you think your bra and panty set or your corsets are too old, then go head and buy new items. Remember that this photo session is special for you only do it once or a few times so you have to exert effort to look really great.

  1. Have a dress rehearsal

Once you have picked the clothes to wear, try each one in front of the mirror. It would be great if you can have a friend or two who can assist you during the dress rehearsal so they can provide honest opinions on what looks good or does not on you.

  1. Choose accessories, jewelry and shoes

Accessories, props and jewelries like dangling earring or loop earrings, big necklaces and bracelets can add more appeal in the image. Choose the right items that match well with your sexy outfit.

Footwear is also important and in a boudoir shoot high heels, stilettos, boots are among the commonly used for this kind of shoot. You can also consider wearing stockings that are garter-less or not too tight. It will add more personality to your pictures.

  1. Visit a salon a few days before the shoot

Well-manicured nails definitely can make you look more fabulous in the pictures. Find time to go to a salon for manicure, pedicure and even hair cut if necessary. Plan your overall look that is going to look well with what you are wearing.

  1. Wear loose clothing

Prepare the loose clothes like a men’s shirt to wear in going to the location or studio. Wearing something loose can prevent any red marks from appearing on your body. Red marks won’t look great in pictures so avoid wearing something tight when going to the studio or even a day before the shoot.

  1. Stay aware from the sun

Getting a tan may it be natural or artificial is not advisable when you are about to get into a boudoir shoot. A tanned body will not look good the boudoir pictures. Stay away from the sun days before the shoot or avoid applying any tanning lotion or cream.

  1. Look for a professional hair and makeup artist

If the service of a hair and makeup artist is not included in the boudoir photography package you availed, then look for a professional to hire. Hair and makeup is important in a boudoir shoot for applying the right make up can bring out your glamorous and sexy side.

  1. Pack things early

Pack your things a day or two before the scheduled shoot so you won’t miss any. Check that everything you need to wear from top to bottom is inside your bag.

Your boudoir shoot will certainly become successful if you follow the tips above and cooperate with the photographer when it comes to the poses. Even in wedding photography london, preparation is essential. As long as you hire a professional boudoir photographer, then you have nothing to worry about and your shoot will surely be successful.

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