5 Traits of an Awesome Newborn Photographer

newborn photographersThe thought of photographing cute newborn seems cool and fun. Most of us think that newborns are easy to handle and photograph since they don’t move a lot and won’t oppose anything you say or let them do. But then, if you get to talk to professional newborn photographers, you will realize how difficult it is to capture images of these cute newborns.

It takes time to learn and become great in newborn photographer. A professional photographer needs to take formal photography courses and gain skills through practical experience in order to master this challenging field. Time, patience and determination can help you become a good newborn photographer but if you really aim to be an awesome newborn photographer, then you will need to posses the wonderful traits that great professional newborn photographers have.

Your knowledge and skills are useless if you do not have an commendable personality that can make people admire you for. Below are the great traits that we found in most successful newborn photographer that we’ve talked to.

  1. Passionate

Professional photographers, in general, must be passionate in their field of photography in order to deliver successfully. Passionate photographers have so much energy and enthusiasm in them that they never get tired of practicing, learning and aiming to deliver their best no matter what the circumstances are.

An awesome newborn photographer loves babies and will always show patience no matter how difficult the situation is. In a newborn photo session, it is normally for babies to suddenly poop, cry or be in a grumpy mood. A passionate photography will never complain of such and will always be ready to continue working on the shoot.

  1. Gentle

Newborn babies are fragile which makes it really important for a newborn photographer to learn how to handle the baby with utmost care. Newborn photographers must have gentle hands and caring hearts. Newborn photographers must always see to it that the baby is safe and remains unharmed throughout the pictorial.

  1. Organized

A great newborn photographer is prepared at all times and always plans his/her shoot ahead of time. He/she is well-organized and methodical with his/her process, stuff and in everything he/she does. An efficient newborn photographer can think of ways on how to make each newborn pictorial unique from the rest. He/she always has ideas up on his sleeves but never disregards the safety of the baby in whatever new ideas or poses he/she has.

  1. Open-Minded

Parents love to deal with newborn photographers who are friendly, approachable, nice and of course open-minded. As a newborn photographer, you need to be open to suggestions from parents and that you are willing to answer any questions they got that can help make the newborn shoot successful.

  1. Honest

In everything you do, being honest must never be forgotten. A credible newborn photographer is someone who is honest to his or her clients on what he/she can deliver. This photographer will never give false promises and will never under deliver what was agreed between him and the client.

If you aspire to become a great newborn photographer, you need to be totally honest to your client on what your skills are and in what you can deliver.

Keep in mind that until now, word of mouth can bring a lot of good or bad to your business. If your clients are satisfied with your services, then they will surely say kind words about you and your business. If not, your business is at great risk.

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What Should I Look for in a Newborn Photographer?

newborn photographyNewborn photography is a special breed of photography that many expectant moms are now getting interested in. It is a photo session set primarily to capture the fleeting newborn stage of their adorable child. Newborn photography is usually performed when the child is less than 2 weeks of age.

While this photo session may be expensive for others, but having a professional take pictures of your newborn the right “professional” way is definitely worth your money.

Now, when should you start looking for a professional newborn photographer? Well, we recommendthat moms start searching as early as your second trimester of pregnancy. Most skilled photographers get fully booked fast so you need to find one early. Professional newborn photographers usually set a certain time period within a mom’s expected delivery date so you can be assured of a schedule once the baby arrives.
And since there are now quite a number of photographers claiming to be skilled in newborn photography, it can be difficult to choose which one to hire. Your baby is very delicate and you wouldn’t to endanger your child by hiring someone who is incompetent in this special form of photography.

  1. Find someone who has a real, honest work portfolio

A real newborn photographer can show you a work portfolio containing the pictures he/she took before. The pictures must show a happy, relaxed newborn baby who is in deep, undisturbed sleep during the photo shoot.

Notice the poses the photographer made the baby do – does it look like the baby is comfortable? Do the pictures indicate that the newborn is safe and secured during the photo session? If the answer is yes, then that photographer is a good choice.

  1. Choose a newborn photographer who is willing to give references

The professional photographer you are considering for the job must be able to provide you with contact information for his/her previous clients. These references can offer valuable information to you by sharing their experiences with the photographer. Find someone as credible as this brighton photographer. If the feedback is positive, then go ahead and schedule a final appointment to discuss the booking.

  1. Check online for examples of their works to assess their skills

Most professional photographers today now have an active website or social media page wherein they post their best works. Checking their picture galleries and reading comments or feedbacks from their customers can help you assess on how skillful and experienced the photographer is. Visit the website of newborn photography twickenham to view awesome newborn pictures.

When looking for a newborn photographer, keep in mind that the safety of your baby is of utmost importance. You need someone who really knows how to handle newborns and who always considers the baby’s safety before anything else.

When it comes to the price, it will depend on many factors like the location –studio or home, photographer’s length of experience and number of pictures included in a package. Do a research on what the reasonable prices are and if the package being offered is too cheap or too good to be true, then stop contact and find another one.

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How to Take the Best Portrait Shots

portrait photographyDo you love taking pictures of your friends and family? Are you interested to move a step forward and become an expert in portrait photography? Well, you can be a professional portrait photographer by owning and studying your camera and gaining the right skills.

Portrait photography is not just the simple point-and-shoot thing. There are techniques that you can apply in order to get the best portrait shots. Here are some of the important things you need to consider when taking portrait shots.

  1. Suitable background

In portrait photography, the background can either make or break your shot. It is critical for you to choose a background that won’t overpower your subject. Since it is a portrait shot, you should aim to fixate the eyes of the viewers to the individual/s in the picture. The background should be suitable to the subject’s personality as well as the theme of the shot when done in a specific occasion.

  1. Use a wide aperture

Simply defined, aperture refers to the amount of light that can get in your lens. For portraits, a wider aperture around f/2.5 to f/5.6 is best so you can create a good depth of field. This means, that the subject in the picture will standout while the background appears blurry.

There are portrait lenses that can help you achieve a well-blurred background.

  1. Try different angles

We usually see portrait shots taken by framing it horizontally or vertically but well if you want to produce more brilliant, unique portrait shots you can experimenting and shooting in different angles. With practice, you can surely produce more creative portrait images.

Visit the website of this Los Angeles Wedding Photographer to great examples of wedding portrait shots in different angles.

  1. Look for natural light

Natural light coming from the sun and entering through our window can give your subject a more natural look. The subject’s skin tone will look more natural in the picture and the real beauty will come out.

If shooting indoors, have your subject positioned near the window. If the sunlight is too much, you can soften it by using some drapes to slightly cover it or bounce the light using some accessories. Wedding photographer surrey always looks for a natural light when shooting an indoor event like a wedding.

  1. Be on the lookout for interesting people

Portrait photography is not limited to shooting in studios or photographing only relatives and friends. You can try to randomly photograph a neighbor or an interesting person you see while you were strolling around the park.

  1. Focus on the expressions and emotions

Since a person or group of individuals are the primary focus in portrait photography, it is of utmost importance to show not only their faces but also their expressions and real emotions. A portrait shot doesn’t need to be always serious. The subject can do a wacky pose or any pose that will reflect how he or she feels and will show his or her individuality.

Portrait photography is indeed a broad and interesting topic to learn and master. You can take the best portrait shots by following the tips shared above.

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Guidelines on How to Get Started in Portrait Photography

portrait photographyAfter receiving praises from friends and family for the awesome pictures you took in different special occasions, you felt good about yourself and realized that you want to pursue a career in photography. You then decided to go for portrait photography and work as a professional portrait photographer.

Sounds easy, right? But well, getting started in portrait photography ain’t easy. The compliments you received from your friends are not enough assurance that you’re really ready to offer your services to other people.

There are many aspects you need to take into account when starting your own photo studio. From finding a suitable location to choosing the right shooting mode, you need to be very prepared.

  • Find a suitable location

You can either find a space you can rent or look for a room in your house that will serve as your photo studio. The space should be spacious, wide, and preferably with a big window so light can enter into the room.  Your photo studio is where you will keep your valuable photo equipment, receive your clients and take actual photo shoots. Your photo studio should be clean, comfortable and well-organized.

  • Choose an attractive name for your business

Starting a business would also mean thinking of a name for your business. Your business name should be attractive and should reflect your specialization which is portrait photography. Think of a name that is unique, attractive and easy to remember.

  • Prepare your marketing materials

You need to have your own calling cards printed so you can hand them out to clients, friends and fellow wedding vendors. They can easily know where to contact you for future projects or event coverage. Prepare also a list of the service you are offering through printing some business brochures.  Perform a research on what competitive prices or packages to offer.

  • Buy at least 2 cameras and 2 or more lenses

Photography can be somehow expensive. You need to buy at least 2 cameras, lenses, memory cards, lighting devices, tripod and other essential photo equipment. A full frame camera is the best choice for portraits so choose a brand that you find reliable. When it comes to lenses, find lenses with an aperture of f/1.4 to f/2.8. It is also wise to have a macro lens you can sometimes use for close up shots of body parts and get also a telephoto lens which has a narrow angle.

  • Take advance or specific portrait photography courses

If you already underwent a formal training or education on photography, then consider taking a specialized or advanced photography course.

If you haven’t undergone any training then make sure to take even a short course on photography. Your practical experience should be coupled with formal trainings. You can also ask advice from highly-respected photographers like wedding photographer Bristol.

  • Connect with the right people

Join networking events and connect with fellow photographers online by joining communities. Communicate also with former colleagues and make short talks about your portrait photography business. Be confident in meeting people because it can do a lot of good for your business.

As an aspiring portrait photographer, it is crucial for you to gain the trust of new people you meet. Be honest when talking to them and always dress well when going to an appointment or attending events.

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What are the best Lenses for Landscape Photography

Some of the most relaxing and serene photographs are pictures of landscapes. Whether it is a beautifully lush jungle or a lightning strike over an empty plain, we love photos of nature.

But what is the best lens for landscape photography? When thinking about this question there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

First, let’s talk about the focal length of the lens. Focal length is how camera lenses are divided. The measurements are expressed in millimeters. The more mm on you focal length, the more zoom capability your camera has. For example: A 50 mm lens will take in a smaller view than a 30 mm lens. Fewer mm on your focal length means a larger view. Most landscape photographers prefer really wide lenses with small focal lengths so they can capture a wider photo. However, some really interesting and beautiful pictures can be taken with a high focal length camera if the photographer is skilled enough. By isolating small details from a great distance, some really unique pictures can be taken.

what is the best lens for landscape photographyThe difference between prime and zoom lenses is also something that needs to be considered. All zoom lenses, no matter their focal length, can zoom in or out to a certain point. Prime lenses are very different in that they don’t zoom at all. However, they are simpler and a cheaper option for those who are running low on cash. They are still able to take sharp images though; you just have to be willing to move.

Another thing that might not be the first thing you consider when dreaming of taking award winning landscape photos is weight. After hauling an incredibly heavy camera around for a few hours though, it’ll become apparent why this is an important factor. The longer the focal length is of a camera, the heavier it usually is. Carrying around these giants aren’t the main concern of experienced photographers, but rather the ability to hold the camera steady while shooting. You might need to balance the camera on a tripod which would add even more weight to your inflated luggage. Of course if you are inventive you could probably find a stump or something to balance the camera on.

Landscape photography requires a wide lensIn the end the decision is yours and rules are meant to be broken. A short focal length captures a larger space in the photo, but a long focal length camera could really take a fascinating picture by isolating objects with its powerful zoom ability. Weight and luggage are factors that need to be thought of as well as many other things not discussed in this article. Format, lens mounts, crop factor, and many other things should be considered for the optimum landscape photography experience. However, keep in mind that many beautiful pictures have been taken by such simple things as a camera phone. If you know your camera and the lens you have well enough, there is no doubt that you can take marvelous photos. Creativity and ingenuity is the key, not necessarily the focal length of the lens.

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