Top 4 Retouching Tips for Editing Bridal Portrait

wedding photographyA wedding is no doubt a very important occasion for all brides and grooms.

We all want to look our best on this very special day. We want to be look awesome in our wedding photos so we can proudly share it to our family and friends.

The bride, most especially, desires to be the most beautiful woman during the wedding. Well, what if by bad luck, zits appeared on your face just in time for your wedding? Would you let this affect your mood at the wedding?

Initially, you will think that a concealer can hide the blemishes but then later the makeup slowly gets removed and the zits become more visible. Should this worry you since you might look ugly in the wedding photos? Well need not worry, your professional wedding photography can help you still look awesome in your wedding pics.

A skilled wedding photographer like Wedding photographer Staffordshire knows how to make his subjects look fabulous in the pictures. Apart from being technically proficient in using camera equipment, a professional wedding photographer should also have skills in using photo editing tools like Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the photos.

The clients are of course looking forward to see their faces look stunning and free of blemishes or unwanted spots. Photographers should know how to edit, retouch and improve the images without making them look unnatural.

During the wedding, bridal shots will be taken by the photographer. In these photos, the bride is expected to look  fabulous and radiant. If the bridal shots you have taken are unsatisfactory, there are still ways for you to make it look better. Here are some retouching tips you can follow when editing bridal portraits.

1. Adjust skin tone

If the skin tone looks dull, you can add more color to it by using the Adjustment brush in Lightroom or Brush tool and curve adjustments in Photoshop. Just set the clarity. You can also use the High Key Glow tool to make your subject look more radiant. To soften the skin tone, you can also use the adjustment brush set at negative clarity. Just make sure it will still look natural.

2. Remove/ reduce spots, wrinkles or blemishes

To reduce wrinkles, you can use the Healing Brush tool in your editing software and for removing plenty spots you can use the Spot Healing brush. If you only need to remove spots in a particular part of the face, you can use the Patch tool in Photoshop.

3. Make the nose straighter and thinner

At times, it is necessary to edit the nose of the bride to make it look straighter, thinner and more attractive. Use the Lasso Tool or the Forward Warp tool that you can find in Photoshop. At first, you will find it difficult to use Lasso but with practice you can use it perfectly.

4. Lighten the Face

The Adjustment brush in both Lightroom and Photoshop can help lighten the face of the bride. You can change the exposure to whatever you deem right.

There are many other retouching or enhancing techniques that a photographer like you should know. Just continue searching for answers online and practice using your editing tool as often as you can. You can also check the works of this hampshire wedding photographer for more ideas and tips.

With plenty of practice, you can surely master the editing techniques in no time.

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