Top Advice for Amateur Newborn Photographer

newborn photo shootThe arrival of a newborn baby is a momentous event for a family especially for first-time parents. The newborn period lasts only for a short time and because of this some parents want to capture this fleeting moment through a newborn photo shoot.

A newborn photo shoot is usually done during the first two weeks of the baby. There are expectant moms who hire the services of a newborn photographer as early as the second trimester of her pregnancy. This is to ensure that there is a ready newborn photographer to take shots within two or three weeks beyond the expected date of delivery. Some ask their wedding photographer staffordshire for recommendations.

There are newborn photographers who are really very in demand because they are already known for producing the best newborn pictures. If you are an aspiring newborn photographer, you can also be as great as them if you just follow the advice of experts and the tips shared by other professional photographers.

Below are the top advice from professional newborn photographers that we have talked to.

  1. Allow natural light to get into the room

Natural light coming from the sun is without question the best source of light a photographer can use. Move the curtains away and let the light get in. If the light is too bright especially at noon, then diffuse it or hang a thin drape on your window so less light gets in.

  1. Let siblings or parents join the shoot

The newborn photo shoot will be more memorable for the family if the dad, mom, or other siblings join the shoot. A newborn picture with a sibling or parent in it makes it more remarkable. Check out some samples of such from

  1. Be patient at all times

Expect for the newborn photo shoot to possibly extend beyond the scheduled hours. The number of hours spent for a newborn photo shoot will usually depend on the subject – the newborn. If the newborn becomes fussy, then you will have to wait for the baby to calm down and sleep again. Be patient and have your camera always ready.

  1. Keep the room warm

Newborn babies are more comfortable in a warm location. You need to make sure the room is warm because it helps a newborn sleep more soundly. Additionally, babies love being wrapped so you can start your shoot by using a baby wrap on him/her then later change clothes or shoot him/her without clothes.

  1. Make use of creative props

A newborn picture will look more unique if you can use props or accessories. You can either use an old valuable family blanket or something similar so the shoot will be notable and stirring.

  1. Help the parents prepare

Give suggestions to the parents on what to wear, how to prepare the baby and themselves for the shoot. Remind the parents that the baby must be fed well before the shoot so the newborn will be in a great mood and will remain sleeping throughout the shoot.

Remember to familiarize also the settings of your camera and practice shooting as often as possible because with practice you can become better and better in this field.

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